• What is The Woolist?

    The Woolist is run by the founder Zoe. It grew from a need to find out more about native British wool fibres, and understand more about the desirable qualities they possess and how we can promote local fibres and local making.  

  • Who's behind it?

    Zoe had the opportunity to study for her PhD at Manchester School of Art. 

    A four year research project followed, with the aim of documenting and re-designing the way knitwear designers and textile designers could find out about the different qualities that each breed of the 72 purebred British sheep possess, to fulfil their needs to design aesthetically pleasing yet functional garments, accessories and products.

    So now technically, she's Dr Zoe Fletcher who specialises in British wool and knitwear design - but she answers to anything (nice!)

  • How can we support British Wool?
    • Buy British - make sure to check labelling, the fibres, production and finishing processes can all be done in the UK - so why not support your local makers?

    • Request British yarns from your local yarn shops - you get a chat and lovely yarn, they get a chat and you're supporting them to keep investing in local British wool.
  • Got an idea for working together?

    We love finding other like-minded people, if you want to have a chat about the possibility of working together on something get in touch:

  • Want us to work with you?

    Have a raw material but struggling to figure out what to do with it? 

    Have a great product but want to know more information about the raw materials backstory? 

    Get in touch - we love working with others to spread the word about anything sheep and wool related!

  • Interested in seeing the practical research?

    Keep up to date with public events, and shows across the UK that we will be exhibiting at over on our blog. 

    If you are interested in booking the Designers practical toolkit for a workshop, event, or show please email:

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