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This research project was born out of the desire to reconnect with local raw materials, producers and makers connected to the craft, textile and fashion industries. 

Zoe loves sheep, wool, knitting, designing and making.

A 4 year PhD practice-based research project ensued at Manchester School of Art, funded by the AHRC. This enabled Zoe to conduct research full time, travelling the UK collecting information on all 72 British pure breeds of sheep. 

Connecting with local farmers, suppliers, producers, makers, designers, makers, crafters, and enthusiasts, drawing all this information together and transforming it into digital and practical 'kits' of knowledge. Now known as the designers toolkit.

The PhD research is complete, however the Designers Toolkit and body of research is ever-evolving and continuing to grown and develop with new workshops, exhibitions of work and collections of samples in the works.

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